Intel I7 6820HK Clock Speed

Clock Speed

3.60 GHz

Processor Clock Speed

Clock Rate
2.70 GHz

Turbo Clock Speed
3.60 GHz

GPU Clock Speed

Graphics Clock Speed
350.00 MHz

GPU Turbo Clock Speed
1,050.00 MHz

Base Frequency
350.00 MHz

Clock Multiplier

Unlocked Multiplier

Clock Speed of Intel I7 6820HK

Intel I7 6820HK clock speed is one of the most important specification of the processor. The faster the clock speed, the faster the CPU can execute instructions. So, if your looking for you have come to the right place! Clock speed of Intel I7 6820HK is the rate at which it can complete a processing cycle. It describes the number of cycles per second that the processor is capable of performing. Clock speed of Intel I7 6820HK is 2.70 GHz i.e. it can perform 2.70 GHz cycles per second and its turbo clock speed is 3.60 GHz. The CPU requires a fixed number of cycles to execute each instruction. Excessive clock speed can be harmful to the operation of the computer. If the clock speed is increased without any upgrades then the processor will become unstable after a certain point.

Intel I7 6820HK GPU Clock Speed

Intel I7 6820HK clock speed is the number of cycles per second. Intel I7 6820HK GPU clock speed implies the clock speed of graphics processor alone. GPU clock speed is affected by type of GPU used which you can find in Intel I7 6820HK graphics and memory.The turbo clock speed for Intel I7 6820HK is 1,050.00 MHz.The graphics clock speed for Intel I7 6820HK is 350.00 MHz.

Intel I7 6820HK Overclocking

Overclocking is a popular technique for checking out a little more performance from a system. Intel I7 6820HK clock speed and Intel I7 6820HK overclocking are closely related to each other. Overclocking speed will help the operation of a computer component at a faster clock rate than manufacturer specifications. Overclocking can improve the processing speed of the components, but it can sometimes be harmful especially if they are not upgraded. Intel I7 6820HK could be overclocked to 3.60 GHz. The advantages of overclocking are:

  1. Faster performance for applications and games.
  2. A cheaper price for a slower processor overclocked to the speed of a more expensive processor.