Intel I7 2600K Benchmark



Single Core Passmark
Not Available

Passmark Score


32 Bit Geekbench

64 Bit Geekbench
Not Available

64 Bit Multi Core
Not Available


R15 Single Core
Not Available

R15 Multi Core
Not Available

R11.5 Single Core
Not Available

R11.5 Multi Core
Not Available

R10 Single Core
Not Available

R10 Multi Core
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3D Mark

Intel I7 2600K Benchmark Information

Wondering how Intel I7 2600K benchmark information will be helpful? In computing, a benchmark is an act of running computer program. It determines the relative performance of Intel I7 2600K by running a number of standard tests and trial against it. Intel I7 2600K benchmark provide a method of comparing the performance of various subsystems across different system architecture. Intel I7 2600K benchmark information is given by using various platforms like passmark, geekbench and cinebench. Benchmark gives a consolidated performance score of parameters like Intel I7 2600K Clock Speed, Intel I7 2600K Cores and Cache and Intel I7 2600K Technologies.

Intel I7 2600K Passmark

In this segment of Intel I7 2600K benchmark, Intel I7 2600K passmark is important testing software. Intel I7 2600K passmark is benchmark test software that is used for evaluating the performance of a computer. It uses a comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions. It is a synthetic based score. It means this is what your CPU is capable of but it doesn’t always translate to the real world. From all the Intel I7 2600K benchmark scores listed above,its passmark score is 8,494.00 whereas the passmark score for single core is not yet available

Intel I7 2600K Geekbench

Intel I7 2600K geekbench is a processor benchmark with a new scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance, and new workloads that simulate real world scenarios. Intel I7 2600K Information on geekbench makes it easier to find out if your computer is able to speed up or not. Intel I7 2600K geekbench score for 32 bit is 12,823.00 whilewe do not have 64 bit geekbench score for Intel I7 2600K benchmark.

Intel I7 2600K Cinebench

A lot of applications are there to measure the performance of Intel I7 2600K benchmark, one of which is Cinebench. Intel I7 2600K Cinebench uses the benchmarking tool which evaluates hardware performance. Cinebench is a perfect tool to compare CPU and graphics performance.The cinebench Intel I7 2600K benchmark score is 6.83