Intel I3 3120M Cores and Cache

Cores and Cache

Number Of Cores

L1 Cache

L1 Cache Size
0.06 MB

L1 Cache Latency
Not Available

L2 Cache

L2 Cache Size
1.00 MB

L2 Cache Per Core
0.50 MB/Core

L2 Cache Latency
Not Available

L3 Cache

L3 Cache Size
3.00 MB

L3 Cache Per Core
1.50 MB/Core

L3 Cache Latency
Not Available

L4 Cache

L4 Cache Size
Not Available

L4 Cache Per Core
Not Available

Number of Cores in Intel I3 3120M

Intel I3 3120M cores and cache are vital parameters in the performance of a processor. A multi-core processor is a single computing component with multiple processing units called as "Cores". The number of cores in Intel I3 3120M is important to know the processing speed of the CPU. The cores of a processor work together to crunch data and thus save you time. Intel I3 3120M is one of the Mobile Processors which has 2 processing cores. Cores indirectly affect Intel I3 3120M Power Consumption as the number of cores will increase the agility of the computer but will increase the power consumption too.

Intel I3 3120M Cache

Wondering what is Intel I3 3120M cache? Cache is really quick onboard CPU memory, much faster than RAM, which your processor requires to store data, that is about to be processed and used often. Intel I3 3120M cores and cache largely regulate its speed. It gives you fast access to CPU memory thus making it work faster. There are three types of cache- L1 cache, L2 Cache and L3 Cache.

Intel I3 3120M L1 Cache

Intel I3 3120M L1 cache is extremely fast cache but its value is relatively small. It is generally embedded in CPU. The L1 cache count for Intel I3 3120M is 0.06 MB which is distributed in each core.

Intel I3 3120M L2 Cache

Intel I3 3120M L2 cache is an important part in this section of Intel I3 3120M cores and cache. Want to know how L2 cache works? It may be located on the CPU or on a separate chip so that the speed is not slowed by traffic on the main bus. Intel I3 3120M L2 cache size is more than Intel I3 3120M L1 cache. The L2 cache count for Intel I3 3120M is 1.00 MB and also 0.50 MB/Core for each core.

Intel I3 3120M L3 Cache

Intel I3 3120M L3 cache is specially designed memory to improve the performance of Intel I3 3120M L2 Cache and Intel I3 3120M L1 Cache. Generally there is confusion in the relation between Intel I3 3120M cores and cache. In Intel I3 3120M processor, each core has its own dedicated L1 and L2 cache, but shares a common L3 Cache. L3 cache defines how good the processor is going to be for gaming purposes, which comes down to Intel I3 3120M graphics and memory.The L3 cache count for Intel I3 3120M is 3.00 MB while per core it is 1.50 MB/Core.