Intel I3 2357M Power Consumption

Power Consumption

Power Used

Thermal Design Power
17.00 Watt

Annual Home Energy Cost
4.10 $/year

Annual Commercial Energy Cost
Not Available

Performance Per Watt
12.71 pt/W

Typical Power Consumption
13.81 Watt

Package Specifications

Max CPU Configurations

Package Size Height
31.00 mm

Package Size Width
24.00 mm

Package Weight
Not Available

PCI Expansion Options

PCI Express Lanes

PCI Express Configurations
1x16, 2x8, 1x8 2x4

PCI Express Revision

Intel I3 2357M TDP

Want to know the important parameter for Intel I3 2357M power consumption? Technically TDP (Thermal Design Power) is the maximum amount of power the cooling system needs to dissipate in order to keep the chip at or below its maximum temperature. Thermal Design Power is sometimes called Thermal Design Point. Intel I3 2357M TDP is 17.00 Watt. Intel I3 2357M TDP (Thermal Design Power) makes it easier to calculate Intel I3 2357M power consumption. Power consumption is also influenced by parameters like Clock Speed, Intel I3 2357M Cores and Cache and Intel I3 2357M graphics and memory. Intel I3 2357M TDP is a self-reported metric.

Intel I3 2357M Power Usage

Intel I3 2357M power usage is the amount of power it uses over a period of stipulated time. Intel I3 2357M power consumption is calculated by using various factors. It implies that the processor is energy efficient. So, Intel I3 2357M power consumption should be as low as possible. Intel I3 2357M performance per watt is 12.71 pt/W. Intel I3 2357M power consumption is 13.81 Watt. The annual home energy cost for Intel I3 2357M is 4.10 $/year.

Intel I3 2357M Package Specifications

Intel I3 2357M package specifications include the Max CPU configurations, package height and width. Intel I3 2357M belongs to Laptop Processors so the package size will vary accordingly. Intel I3 2357M Max CPU configuration is 1. Intel I3 2357M package height is 31.00 mm and the width is 24.00 mm.Expansion cards gives your system additional capabilities, these cards plug directly into expansion slots on the motherboard. There are different type of expansion slots for every processor. PCI Express lanes for Intel I3 2357M are 16 and configurations are 1x16, 2x8, 1x8 2x4.